Welcome to The Commonplace Chronicles.

The Commonplace Chronicles had been a trusted newspaper for generations, providing accurate information about the mundane going-ons in the lives of nobodies. In the year 1739, fearing the wastage of paper over the sheer mundane-ness of the contents of this newspaper, and by pressure from lesser selling newspaper houses, its publication was halted.

However, a secret society kept the idea of The Commonplace Chronicles alive by continually gathering news and passing it down generations of commonplace people. At last, with the advent of the digital age, The Commonplace Chronicles has resurfaced once again in order to provide the world what it really requires in the busy world- a daily dose of humdrum.

Currently manned by Reya, this secret society could do with more support in making the world a better place. In order to enlist in this society, please click the “Follow” button and you will receive details of your interview. It is highly advisable to spread the word among your friends so that big news corps will fear the return of the legendary Commonplace Chronicles. #heilhumdrum

Just kidding!

Hello, my fellow bloggers/readers/internet users!

Welcome to my blog that I’ve collected years’  worth of courage to start. I’m Reya, and that’s not my real name. However, I promise that’s the only fake thing about me, because a lot of my posts are real-life inspired. I’ve been trying to get my thoughts out to the world and voila, The Commonplace Chronicles happened! If I wasn’t a Muggle, this would be a Horcrux of mine.

I’m blogging for fun and also to just improve myself as a writer, so I’m sorry if there isn’t any specific theme I’ll stick to. Also, it would mean a lot if you guys let me know how you felt about the content on this blog because that would really help me have some clarity in writing sphere.

I try really hard to make sure the content is awesome and I wouldn’t want to Scar my posts, so I always find it best to Be Prepaaaared (Get it? Get it?).  For me, blogging is a Whole New World.

I’m a bit like a Titan-a specific Titan, in fact-with armour on the outside, guarding myself, so I find it difficult to express myself as well as I see others doing. Again, I’m new to blogging so I don’t have any High Hopes about having a Great Gig in the Sky…guess that’ll take Time.

I like everything under the sun and love to talk about it all, too. I don’t want to put myself in Danger by making any more references to bands I like…Gee, I should stop now. I’ve overdone it, innit? You Poor, Unfortunate Souls! To be honest though, stopping’s not really my way of ninja.

Have fun reading my commonplace opinions and delving in to my imagination. Hope y’all like my posts, and hopefully I’ll make a lot of new friends in the blogosphere. Know that I’ll be there for youuu.


Reya ❤︎

PS: If you got any of the references I made-you are awesome! If you got all of ’em…join The Commonplace Chronicles. You’re the best of the best. Heil Humdrum.

PSS(Or is it PPS? Or PSPS?): Just kidding, you can’t join The Commonplace Chronicles. You could follow us though. ^_^

Thanks for your time! I can’t believe you’ve read all the way here. For that, you deserve a special cookie with extra chocolate chips. Alpha out.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. How utterly charming you are! I am really looking forward to reading many more of your posts….I have to get ready for work, but will visit again soon….I love the uniqueness of your voice, your energy, your humour and your wit…very refreshing and light…but, substantial at the same time. And, your blog is gorgeous! By the way, my name is Truly (and, yes, that’s my real name 🙂 ) Take care my new friend 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! You have no idea how much confidence this comment has just given me and will continue to give me. Truly, nice to meet you! (Sorry, my puns are terrible.) You have a wonderful name! You take care as well, my friend. ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

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