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5 annoying things about Indian soap operas

You wanna talk about Sagas? Let’s do this.

DISCLAIMER: This article is going to be super long. Just like those Indian TV shows I hate. Sowiee. (That’s my trying-hard-to-be-cutesy way of saying sorry). But we were talking about sagas on today’s word prompt and there’s no better way to make you think of one than giving you one myself.) But it’s not so long it’ll throw you off. Pwomise. (See the pattern here?)

ALSO: All the photos I got are off the internet, off Google images, I don’t own any of these images and they’re JUST FOR REPRESENTATION, no offence intended to anybody. 

So, Indian TV show makers have the notorious tendency to come up with a script for a show, with a good (sometimes okay-ish) concept and then turn it in to a completely worthless piece of rubbish in order to squeeze out as much money as they can from their franchise.

It’s so disturbing, that many people have completely lost faith in the Indian silver screen! You see memes and jokes all over the place about these long drawn tales made by people who’re shamelessly obvious about why they’re continuing to agonize their viewers.

Without further ado, let’s look at the five most annoying things about these sagas:

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