This is me!

I’m not exactly tone-deaf and I don’t really have a great voice but my singing is tolerable. I’ve even taken music classes and I’ve really been getting better. But something really boggles my mind.

Even though I probably love singing more than anything else in the world (except eating, of course), I used to find myself rather shy to sing in front of other people because I would be subconsciously all too worried about what others would think.

So, at one point, I took singing as a therapy really seriously and now I just bust out a tune whenever feel like, make the most random guitar noises to myself in the middle of math class and occasionally scare the living crap out of my classmates with my weird ways of letting go of my stress. But, I want to talk about why I didn’t do that before.

Singing is just a way to depict your feelings with a melody. Maybe not everybody in the world can “sing”, but I know a lot of people love to sing. But alone, by themselves. And why is that?

It’s because we’ve somehow formed this notion that unless you can’t sing with a conventionally ‘good’ voice and you honestly can’t replicate the real singer, you shouldn’t sing because you’re ‘spoiling the song’ for somebody else. And let me honestly say that I once was guilty of this mindset, no lies.

It physically stressed me out to hear my favourite song being brayed by a tone-deaf person so I really wished I could be a party pooper and get them to stop, even though they were clearly enjoying themselves and were in their own happy place. Maybe it’s because I make such a big deal out of people with beautiful voices.

But anyhow, once I realised that singing makes me happy, I tried to encourage my friends to sing too. It goes without saying that everyone has different stress release mechanisms and it’s obviously fair that some people really don’t want to sing but of all the people I know, nobody has actually burst in to song on request unless they’re conventionally ‘great’ singers and everybody looks up to them so much so they’d never tell them they sounded bad.

I did notice that many of my friends didn’t want to sing because they didn’t view it as a joyful activity anymore. They didn’t revel in the escape in to Wonderland and they didn’t let go of their inhibitions. And honestly, it’s when you do let go that the song comes more naturally to you and you begin to get better, feel more confident.

Sure, my friends probably sang at home in the bathroom, but they’d never do it in public because they viewed it as a task that if they didn’t get right, would send them in to eternal public shame. And so, I have given up on them.

But me? I feel just like Demi Lovato during Final Jam on Camp Rock when I get ready to sing. It feels good to put out your thoughts, and spend that negative energy. I don’t listen to my own voice and try and look at my shortcomings. Of course, I do that sometimes but I’m not always so interested in the technicalities because for me, singing is a release.

It tells me who I am. It shows me where I stand. It shows me that I have a whole new side to me that I haven’t seen before, but I’m going to have a lot of fun exploring it. So many times, when I’m really in the groove and I feel like I’m the one the song’s talking about or the one actually singing it, it’s a high I can’t experience otherwise! It’s a great feeling. But the most important thing, though, is that if I let go of my inhibitions and limitations, I can feel this awesome anytime, at anyplace.

And if you’re like one of my friends, I must give you this piece of advice. You know how everybody’s always telling you to do what you want and not listen to society if they’re being exessively and unnecessarily judgemental? Well, I want to tell you that that doesn’t apply only to the job you want. It doesn’t mean I want you all to become singers.

Singing is like a trance. It’s the high you can get without hurting yourself. It’s an escape. It’s my entire life. I used to care about how I sound and I no longer give a damn. It’s an eccentricity of mine. Have a load you need to get off your chest and talking about it isn’t enough? Then bust out some Adele and you’ll feel so much better!

You know those stress relieve therapies that tell you to get a paper and scribble on it till all your energy’s spent? Well, singing is just like that, with better results and a more eco friendly method! It allows you to push your boundary. From Carnatic to K-Pop, there’s always a song to suit you. And if there isn’t, make one! String some sentences together, set a random tune and make that your happy song.

Feeling depressed? Singing an upbeat song gets you in to the groove better than just listening to it on repeat. Clap your hands. Shake a leg. Singing is happiness in a whole new form.

Seize the day, my dears. Go forth and sing!



Alpha ❤︎



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