How about a posting schedule?

Hello to everyone viewing this blog!

This is a question I’d love for you all to answer. I really like blogging, though I’ve only been doing seriously for about a month or so. I have so much to do at this point in my life that it’s really impractical for me to blog as often as I would like, because I’d be falling behind on a lot of work while I’m lost in the world of words. (Brownie points for that alliteration, please!)

Anyway, I was wondering what you guys thought of a posting schedule. You see, I write whenever I feel inspired. And I obviously can’t force myself to get inspired every Sunday or every Tuesday. Nor can I let go of an idea I get at the wrong moment (for example-when I’m writing a test).

Do you guys think it would be restrictive to limit my posting to a few days of the week? It’s the most practical thing to do but taking that decision would break my heart but I also don’t want to be behind on all my work and aaargh! I mean, I would be devastated because I really look forward to my blogging time.

Are any of you facing the same problem at the moment? What do you do about it? Let me know so we can be upset about it together, and hopefully work out a few solutions to feel better even though we’ve taken this horrible decision?

Also, I know that the best thing for me to do wouldn’t necessarily be the best course of action for someone else to take- of course, a lot of things are are subjective- but I want to know if this is generally considered a good idea. Any thoughts?

Alpha ❤︎

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5 more annoying things about Indian soap operas

Need to get this post out of my system.

Hello to everyone who’s reading this! You may or may not have come across my other article entitled ‘5 annoying things about Indian soap operas’. If you haven’t, read that first over here.

Also: Again, ALL the images I got were from Google images. I do not own ANY of these and they’re just used for representation, no offence intended to ANYBODY AT ALL. 

Enjoy from where I left off.

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Pokémon Go…and why I probably can’t play it.

Warning: Long post ahead.

Aaah! Gotta catch em all! Pokémon!

Being someone who has grown up with Pokémon, I can definitely say that I was extremely, extremely excited when Pokémon Go was announced. A game from an anime I love to watch? Catch these critters in real-time while walking around? Sign me the hell up!  I was convinced that it was going to be a whole lot of fun, albeit the fact that the craze would probably die down after a few days, as it does with a whole lot of Pokémon games.

Sadly, armed robbers had already started using the game as a way to lure players in to traps with the help of the geolocation feature. That would have allowed the robbers to anticipate the location and affirm the isolation of their victims. Added to that, one can add a beacon to a Pokèstop, which would draw more players. Way to be party poopers, guys.

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Dear past me… #carefree

Dear younger me,

I’ve been struggling with a lot of things for the past year. I had a lot going on that I couldn’t handle systematically. I was confused and upset and that deterred me from being able to do exactly what I wanted. Right now, I’m juggling a million responsibilities and I feel really, really overworked and stressed out.

Whenever I look at my list of events and exams that I’ve pinned to the bulletin board, I always think “Gosh, my life sucks right now. I wonder why I grew up”. I keep thinking back on how lucky I was, how I could have done whatever I wanted, not study, sleep early, get up late, watch TV and nobody would have told me anything.

Right now, I feel like there’s so much I should have done when I was little. For instance, I can’t bake cookies or tie a tie. I didn’t watch much TV or make friends and play. I never took a break and stressed myself out a lot. But now? Now’s the time I should be doing those things. Then why do I feel like going off on a picnic on a bike with my friends? Why do I feel that I have reached the end of my patience with all my classes and my busy life? Why is it that I’m more incompetent at handling my academics and my happiness than you were?

It’s because you were too young to be doing it all.

And now, I’m jaded.

It’s because you had big dreams for me. You pushed yourself to the limit for my happiness. You tried to take on more than you were made for, so that I would be happy and comfortable. But I’m tired. I didn’t turn out the way you wanted me to. I’m sorry.

I’ve got Herculean tasks to accomplish, people to impress, sleep to lose and so much more! You’re so fortunate that the only thing you have to worry about is what’s for dinner. Or that test you’ve got, which doesn’t mean much in terms of your whole life’s direction.But here you are, beating yourself up for me to be a better and more successful person.

I guess everyone needs some joy in their life and since you couldn’t get them, I’m trying to live them for you when I actually need to just carry your legacy forward. I desperately need to live the moments you deserved but that would mean that all your work was for nothing. We are working for each other, against each other.

So, I need you to understand that the only way I can be happy is if you were happy. And right now, I need you to do everything that makes you happy. Read to your heart’s content. Watch movies till 1pm. Make friends. Have sleepovers. Bake cakes. Hakuna matata, my friend! This is that phase of your life. A precious pearl.

Don’t kill yourself over every single test. Don’t lose your health in your mission to stay ahead of the game. That’s my job. Don’t kick out our sunny moments. Maybe then, the balance will be retained. And I’ll be sane enough to work hard to achieve our dreams. I’ll be confident enough to know what I want. I’ll be the one fussing over my responsibilities and jobs. That shouldn’t be you.

You are living such a great part of my life, that I would give anything to go back to the time you’re in. You don’t have to worry about me. Worry about you. I can never tell you how much I appreciate you working hard for my benefit. But you’re a child! Be one!

Don’t study when you’re supposed to be watching Code Named Kids Next Door. Don’t memorise things when you ought to be playing softball with your friends. Don’t be afraid to act silly and undignified because now, I can’t do all those things.

I have much on my shoulders. But you? It’s your right to have no worries. If you have a duty, it is to be jolly and fool around and give me good memories. If you’re going to do something for me, then enjoy yourself. There can be no greater gift you can give me that being carefree  when you’re supposed to be.

With tons and tons of love,

Reya ❤︎

PS: I know you’re watching out for a Hogwarts letter. I know what happens too. But I don’t want you to give up your hopes on it, so I won’t tell you what happens. In some parallel universe, you’re going to get that letter. You wait and watch. 🙂


Guess what month it is!

So, it’s July, and I’m sure the people of the United States of America celebrated the fourth of this month with immense pomp and festivity. And that’s all that July’s about, right? The most exciting thing about July is American Independence Day and that brings you ’round to a month of patriotism.

But July is also….(wait for it)….(wait for it)….America’s National Ice Cream Month!

Yes, dà jiā, yes. There is a month for that.

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I hope you will enjoy your stay!

“Where’s mum?” I asked my older brother Collin.

“Uh-I don’t know, Ade. I think she’ll be around soon.” he replied.

Well, I wasn’t feeling any better. I hoped that they would soon find a way to rid me of my fatigue. I hadn’t eaten in days. I just didn’t feel like it. I wanted to know if they had found something out. I prayed it wasn’t something crazy, that I would get better soon.

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6 things you think when you’re in senior year

Aaah. So you’ve just entered high school and you feel like you’re going to turn in to a more mature adult when-wait, what? You’re in senior year and this is your last year at school? When? Why? Who? Moo?

You know that feeling. That feeling you get when you’re about to end your conventional ‘school education’ in a year and you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. Here are 6 things that everyone in that situation goes through. I’m sure you can relate!

ALSO: All the photos I got are off the internet, off Google images, I don’t own any of these images and they’re JUST FOR REPRESENTATION, no offence intended to anybody.

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