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6 things you think when you’re in senior year

Aaah. So you’ve just entered high school and you feel like you’re going to turn in to a more mature adult when-wait, what? You’re in senior year and this is your last year at school? When? Why? Who? Moo?

You know that feeling. That feeling you get when you’re about to end your conventional ‘school education’ in a year and you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. Here are 6 things that everyone in that situation goes through. I’m sure you can relate!

ALSO: All the photos I got are off the internet, off Google images, I don’t own any of these images and they’re JUST FOR REPRESENTATION, no offence intended to anybody.

1. Wait, how did this happen? 

But I was in tenth grade just yesterday! Yeah, my friend and I were chilling out and eating ice creams, taking selfies and acing all our tests. And I’m sure I just dreamt about eleventh grade because it was such a blur! Honestly, it was just a scary dream. I can’t be in twelfth grade just yet! There has to be some mistake!

Yep. You have no idea how the blazes you got here and what’s going on. You’re just standing there gaping at the world around you while you’re moving in slow-mo still trying to figure out when you learned how to tie your shoelaces.

2. I don’t know what I want to do with my life!

Right. Now that you’re all old and responsible, what have you decided about your future? Which university do you want to join? What do you want to major in? Do you want to get married? What will you name your first born child?

I. DON’T. KNOW! So stop asking me! And of course…that look. That look of pity and scepticism you get when you say you haven’t figured things out yet. That acerbic look.

3. Bring honour to the family!

Also known as SO MUCH PRESSURE! So now, not only do you have to attend lectures that sound like gibberish, you actually have to decode these darn hieroglyphs and use that information to do so well on the tests that you’ll get accepted in to one of the best universities.  This often leads to confidence issues, irritation, general anxiety, social tension, crying, sleepless nights, loss of health and nervous breakdowns. #livingthe12thlife


4. You suddenly want to do all that you couldn’t do before

This is the GRINDING year of your life. Every little thing sets you off because you’re under that much stress right now. You have to get everything right because your life depends on this. Study every second! Hmm…doesn’t now seem like the best time to rewrite and edit all those poems I wanted to finish off? Maybe I should watch all those Disney movies I haven’t seen yet and learn the complete song and dance routine to Aaja Nachle? This seems like the perfect time to watch that 800-episode anime. Maybe I should start a blog? #guilty

5. One more year, and I don’t have to see your face again

Those mean, obnoxious, pathetic excuses for people who’ve been making your life a living Hell? Yeah, in just one year, you’ll be parting ways with many of them for life. Have a lot of backstabbing friends at school?  Just a few more months and you don’t ever have to see them again. Those bullies who called you ugly, stupid and other mean things? You can forget all about them! You’re going to go to a great new place and make great new friends. Booyah!

NOTE: I don’t support the profanity used in the picture. I just think everything before the last line expressed the sentiment perfectly.


6. You’ve got to deal with it, and you’re still learning

But eventually, you learn to keep pace with the real world and you realise that this is just another exciting challenge, because you’ve got your whole life ahead you. There’s a field of possibilities out there and you’re just going to take life as it comes, live the moment and not stress out. You’re starting out, it’ll be a little rough. But you’ll pull through. You’re going to be a happy ray of sunshine. You aren’t going to worry about your tests, or get stressed out over college admissions and-does anybody know when the SAT results come out? (winks)


Keep smiling, people. Don’t let anything like your academics get in the way of your health and mental stability. Your happiness is supreme. Do what you love, and make your choices work. Love yourself and be by your own side.

Alpha ❤︎

4 thoughts on “6 things you think when you’re in senior year

    1. Thanks a lot! I’m so glad you could relate, it’s nice to know that we’re all in this together. :’) All the best for graduation and after! ^_^

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  1. Very relatable! And humorous too! I think you made good use of the images/memes/gifs. You didn’t make them the heart of your post, they merely complimented your words well.

    Liked by 1 person

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