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Update: I’m now on Twitter!

Helloooo WordPress!

So, I finally got a Twitter account and I’m running it partially for me and partially for The Commonplace Chronicles. I’m so excited about it! So let me know all of your Twitter handles and I’ll be sure to hit you up on this website. It’d be sweet and supportive for y’all to follow me too, to stay tuned to The Commonplace Chronicles.

Let’s spread this humdrum business throughout the world.

My Twitter handle is : alphocalyptic and I’m a proud Hufflepuff so watch out for that badger as a profile picture. Can’t wait to meet you guys on Twitter too!

Hasta luego!

Alpha ❤︎



Entrusted with running The Commonplace Chronicles. Loves dogs, ice creams and pizzas. Big, big Potterhead and proud Hufflepuff. Wants to rule the world (See, we can be ambitious!)...or maybe just a big library. (Ravenclaws aren't the only people who like reading? Look at Hermione, for Merlin's sake!) Likes making new friends and meeting Pokémon. Heil Humdrum. Alpha Out.

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