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Saengil chukh ha ham nida❤︎

Dearest Jungkook,

I am a HUGE fan of yours. You’re my favourite BTS member not only because you’re adorable but because you have an angelic voice and some really good dancing skills. I may not have been a fan for a very very long time, but I have seen the way you’ve grown and begun to sing in a more beautiful and mature manner day after day.

You’re truly the golden maknae. Loyal to your hyungs, loving to your fans, never losing your innocence and working harder and harder to make yourself a better person everyday.

I hope you know just how loved and appreciate you are throughout the world. Sorry I couldn’t write you a longer post but today, I wish you a very very happy nineteenth birthday from the bottom of my heart.

We love you Jungkook!

Keep making the Army proud 🙂

Alpha ❤︎



Entrusted with running The Commonplace Chronicles. Loves dogs, ice creams and pizzas. Big, big Potterhead and proud Hufflepuff. Wants to rule the world (See, we can be ambitious!)...or maybe just a big library. (Ravenclaws aren't the only people who like reading? Look at Hermione, for Merlin's sake!) Likes making new friends and meeting Pokémon. Heil Humdrum. Alpha Out.

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