They’re people too. #celebrities

AN: Sorry, I haven’t posted in a while because I had my terms, but now I’m back in business, baby! Or at least, what I think business is, anyway.

So, I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the Brangelina debacle. For those of you who haven’t, I’m just going to say that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. Why?

Good question. And I’m about to give you a great answer: It’s none of your business. If you think it is, I challenge you to a have a debate with me about it. Write a solid speech, with good points and let’s go through all the motions of formal debate and watch me kill the lights in your eyes when I have had my say.

Now this might seem unrelated at first but bear with me.

What is the biggest issue with today’s technology, you ask? Ensuring encryption of data so as to preserve users’ privacy. You encrypt just about every gadget you use and then some. You change your last seen on WhatsApp to just your friends, or sometimes not even that. You turn off the blue ticks so that nobody knows whether you’ve read their messages. Apple is so invested in making sure Siri is a safe, trustworthy app because she handles so much sensitive information.

What I don’t understand is that, in a day and age so obsessed with privacy at almost every level, why is it that we fail to allow famous people to have this privacy when they’re going about their affairs?

I’m sure you wouldn’t be interested in publishing the details of your nasty divorce in the paper for all to see. We try so hard to keep our secrets but we have little regard for others who try to do the same, ever ready to listen to someone else’s wagging tongue or to spill the beans on someone else’s stuff. If you’re getting punched by your spouse, you would never tell anyone, but that woman who lives down the road? You’re more than willing to know all about her story and tell the whole world about it too.

Why? Why? Why have humans developed this uncultured and very ridiculous, hypocrisy-fuelled behaviour? I’m so disgusted by it that I have no hope for our race anymore.

Those who are affected by this phenomenon the most are celebrities. Well, that ought to have been obvious. More the number of people who know you, more is the interest the general public has in your life outside your career. A lot of times, this can be good because you’re so influential that you can promote good practices and draw attention to the right causes. But more often than not, it’s a very invasive and unwanted occupational hazard.

It seems that the media has forgotten that celebrities are people too, constantly drilling them for information, or spying on them, or bribing ‘sources’ in to spilling the beans on them-because that would guarantee them their bread, that promotion, that new car and so much more. These are the kinds of people who live off others’ misery simply because they’re unfit to do anything else. I’m sorry, but that’s just how I see things.

Image Credit: shutterstock.com

Now bear in mind that if someone wants to wash their dirty linen in public, it’s up to them to do so. However, I don’t appreciate the practice of reporters ferreting information from people when they know that the most tactful thing to do about the situation is to respect someone’s privacy and let them talk about it when they’re ready. I don’t think you’d go up to someone who was clearly upset and force them to talk about what happened unless they were ready to speak up.

Side note though, if you ARE the sort of person who forces that friend to speak up, records it and/or makes it the talk of the town, you’re abhorrent and I hope that someday, you’ll know what it feels like for people to point fingers at you for their entertainment and absolutely dissect your affairs and put it all out in the open for all to see.

Also, it is definitely highly obnoxious of people to start using Jennifer Aniston clips that make light of this situation. Stop it! You’re making her sound like a petty, desperate lovesick puppy when in reality, she was a normal human being who got over a bad relationship and is happy now. She doesn’t deserve to be dragged in to this, especially when she has been so graceful and dignified all these years. And she’s happily married! It has been many years. Don’t drag her down to your level.

So people, remember that celebrities, though famous and capable of handling their fame, work, and everything incredibly well, are also human. They do need their own space. They need time. They need a supportive fan base, not one that harasses them or spies on them or does anything that might make them uncomfortable. If their personal lives mean so much to you, wait patiently till they choose to divulge further information. This is for all of you useless tabloids out there.

PS: One might say that since I’m writing an article about this out of the blue, I’m actually calling attention to this event. Please know that that was not my intention at all. This is something I’ve been wanting to say to every gossip magazine editor (by the way, I hate you all but that’s another article), to every newspaper focussing on this tidbit when there are clearly more important things at hand. (Read: terror attacks, elections, poverty, drought).

Hope this made you think. Stop being so nosy.

Alpha ❤︎



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