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Dice Media’s “Adulting” : the first impression

Dice Media, known best for its web series “Little Things” starring Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal, as well as its other shows “2by3” and “What the Folks”, has been churning out new content.

On 18th April, Dice Media dropped the first episode of “Adulting”, starring FilterCopy’s popular Aisha Ahmed and Dear Zindagi actress Yashaswini Dayama as two women in their early twenties figuring out adulthood, and a life away from home.


After watching countless Indian web series across various platforms (Amazon, HotStar, Netflix, YouTube and so on..) my expectations for this show and its relatable premise were pretty high. Did it deliver everything it promised? I’m going to go with a solid “not really”.

The first episode titled “Broke AF” is centered around Ray (essayed by Yashaswini) forgetting her flatmate Nikhat (Aisha)’s birthday, and thinking of ways to fix things. This is totally weird considering they had JUST been to a Justin Bieber concert till late at night, and I wouldn’t pass up that opportunity to mention my birthday being the next day.



Her plan is to amass as many yellow things as possible because that’s what Nikhat’s favourite colour is. She walks in to a supermarket and asks an old employee what he can get her in yellow. Yeah, great idea. This guy being unusually patient, actually pulls out an assortment of yellow things from tennis balls to lemons and Maggi without questioning her even once.


Pretty straightforward plot, but it’s not one of those instances where the story’s simplicity shines and the moments make up for the slow pace. It was a narrative worth 5-10 minutes [max] stretching to a good 24-25 minutes.

“Look at all the fuckery I’m going to be party to”


Their LOCO app endorsement was quite awkward and this is unusual because Dice Media is no stranger to endorsements and how to do them right- “Little Things” had endorsements for VelvetCase (as did most FilterCopy videos around that time) and Littleapp, which were all tasteful, short, and crisp.

Some emotional key points that are meant to be the crux of Ray’s whole birthday party planning adventure-such as it being Nikhat’s first birthday away from home- don’t really play out on screen, and are done away with using a single line. This one. (as shown in the photo).

There’s no expression of this sentiment beyond this one-liner from Ray I’ve included below. Like I said, too much attention to detail in the wrong places.


The background score sounded like it could be one of those Nescafe ads with Deepika Padukone so much so that I was genuinely confused about what was going on for a minute. The intro song is mediocre at best- again, in comparison to the gem that was “Little Things”. (and season 2 is out this June!)

None of the moments or pop culture references seem organic- them discussing a certain movie that appears on TV all the time, the way Nikhat slurs, or Ray pointedly pushing her away whenever she tries to hug her-all seem forced.

I’m all you’ve got bishes

It’s not that none of it is relatable but honestly, Ray not knowing what even LIC stands for in this country is quite a stretch. How did you get through college and get a job? This would make more sense if you were a high school student- and even then, I’m not so sure.

Hopefully the next few episodes will make things clearer, and have me going “YAS I RELATE”.

Watch the first episode here:


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