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A lot of the photos I’ve used on my blog for my posts, or featured in my blog are not owned by me. I’ve got them off Google Images and I’ve used the just for representational purposes ONLY, no offense intended to anybody.

Also, everything on this blog is owned by me. One of my friends told me it would be a wise decision to make this very, very clear so I am. I’ve also included a proper statement in a side widget, so, I honestly can’t think of a better way to make it more clear that my content is solely mine. Now, girl, are you happy?

Thanks for your time!

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^That’s what I had published a while back regarding the photos in my articles. I realised I have no way to give credits to the place that I get my featured photos from so, I thought about making this page just for that. Starting from “Guess what month is is!”, I’ve begun to give credits to websites because I previously had no idea I was supposed to. So for all my articles before that, I’m sorry, but I do not remember where I got those photos from. Some were sent to me. I really did just get them off Google Images but I didn’t know which site they were on. If you know, please tell me, so I can include them in the credits over here. Please don’t do anything to get them taken down, though!

PS: I have no idea if this is the right/accepted way to do it, so if you’ve got suggestions, please let me know! Thanks a ton!

Alpha 🙂

So, I’m starting this with: Dear past me.

  1. Dear past me…#carefree: weheartit.com
  2. Pokemon Go…and why I probably can’t play it: http://www.24horas.cl
  3. 5 more annoying things about Indian soap operas: http://www.frvsn.co.uk
  4. Why I am NOT excited about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: mentalfloss.com
  5. HuffPuffs for the win: Pottermore, after I got sorted in to Hufflepuff.
  6. It’s not worth it: fijione.tv
  7. They’re people too. #celebrities: blog.vasco.com
  8. ALL ARTICLES between “They’re people too” and “To engineer or not to engineer”- Google Images. I haven’t had the time to go through the sources and document them properly. Sorry! I’ll do better next time.
  9. 6 thoughts on engineering entrances: diamond-geo.com