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To engineer or not to engineer?

I’m an Indian.

It’s so funny how, most Indians would immediately sympathise (and probably empathise too) with me the second they read the title and the first line. And with anyone who’s noticed the huge influx on Indian immigrant engineers in the States or anywhere else in the world, this might be some sort of a joke. Something you chuckled at. Well, let me tell you that for someone in the eye of the storm, it is NO laughing business.

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Great expectations?

If my mother found out I was writing this post right now, she’d lecture me for an hour about wasting my time, during which I would not be allowed to do anything except listen to her shamefaced, with a hanging head and after which I would be indignant, rebellious, annoyed, restless, frustrated and on the whole, completely miserable. (So much using my time wisely, mom!) Why, you ask?

Like I’ve been constantly reminding myself in my past few posts, I’m in my twelfth year of school, and I head to university after this. Aaand, my finals are less than a month away. The most important year of my life and it’s crunch time. So right now, me doing anything other than perusing these enormous books of information and solving papers is borderline blasphemous to the religion of the the Indian nerds.

My apologies, fellow Indians, but I feel like this prompt really spoke to me.

You see, when you’re in one of the most important years of your life, the year before you get in to uni, the year you’ve got to do your best-there’s no doubt about it that expectations are involved. What your parents expect of you, you from yourself, others from you and you from them-it’s utter madness.

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My last week of happiness

So, for a twelfth grader Indian, this is the worst time of the year. And quite possibly of their entire life.

Oh, I thought you’d never ask why.

Twelfth grade is the year right before college, so doing well in your twelfth grade exams could literally make or break your entire life. No pressure, though. Don’t try to kill yourself because you think you can’t take it. (Though unfortunately, that could be said to be a common occurrence here thanks to-oh well, read on.)

India has this bizarre socio-cultural phenomenon where even the most random people who do not know your name are interested in your twelfth grade results. If you’re in tenth or twelfth grade (because they’re the two most important years in the Indian education system), then be prepared to answer questions about your ongoing studies from the milkman to the chemist. Literally, from anybody who knows how old you are.

It’s honestly one of the most disgusting and annoying things ever, because these people don’t really care about you. It’s not like they’re interested in hiring you either. So why on Earth do you so sweetly inquire about this piece of information that is so irrelevant to our relationship?

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They’re people too. #celebrities

AN: Sorry, I haven’t posted in a while because I had my terms, but now I’m back in business, baby! Or at least, what I think business is, anyway.

So, I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the Brangelina debacle. For those of you who haven’t, I’m just going to say that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. Why?

Good question. And I’m about to give you a great answer: It’s none of your business. If you think it is, I challenge you to a have a debate with me about it. Write a solid speech, with good points and let’s go through all the motions of formal debate and watch me kill the lights in your eyes when I have had my say.

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Saengil chukh ha ham nida❤︎

Dearest Jungkook,

I am a HUGE fan of yours. You’re my favourite BTS member not only because you’re adorable but because you have an angelic voice and some really good dancing skills. I may not have been a fan for a very very long time, but I have seen the way you’ve grown and begun to sing in a more beautiful and mature manner day after day.

You’re truly the golden maknae. Loyal to your hyungs, loving to your fans, never losing your innocence and working harder and harder to make yourself a better person everyday.

I hope you know just how loved and appreciate you are throughout the world. Sorry I couldn’t write you a longer post but today, I wish you a very very happy nineteenth birthday from the bottom of my heart.

We love you Jungkook!

Keep making the Army proud 🙂

Alpha ❤︎

Update: I’m now on Twitter!

Helloooo WordPress!

So, I finally got a Twitter account and I’m running it partially for me and partially for The Commonplace Chronicles. I’m so excited about it! So let me know all of your Twitter handles and I’ll be sure to hit you up on this website. It’d be sweet and supportive for y’all to follow me too, to stay tuned to The Commonplace Chronicles.

Let’s spread this humdrum business throughout the world.

My Twitter handle is : alphocalyptic and I’m a proud Hufflepuff so watch out for that badger as a profile picture. Can’t wait to meet you guys on Twitter too!

Hasta luego!

Alpha ❤︎

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It’s not worth it.

So, I am about a year away from college, and you know what that means. It means that this year might as well be the most hectic year of my life (for now, at least), and I’m going to get as little rest as I can. I will constantly be under pressure to do well and more often than not, I’m going to crack under the strain and slip, and I’ll have to claw my way back up-something that is not pretty or easy.

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Huffpuffs for the win!

//Yes, another Harry Potter post. Deal with it.

So, I had to rejoin Pottermore. 

Don’t kill me, don’t kill me, I don’t remember when it happened, but it appears that Pottermore has been completely redesigned since I was last a member there. I had a ridiculous username I made up myself, and I think I was a Gryffindor when I joined. I remember being very pleased with myself about it.

But then I got real busy because of all the work I’ve been having to do, and I would keep up with Harry Potter news via articles I read on Facebook. I haven’t been on Pottermore in a while, but I did decide to take a look at the website because of the whole Cursed Child fiasco. 

To my surprise, I couldn’t log in with my username. I had to rejoin. And once I did, being the rational idiot that I am, I decided not to reclaim my wand and house, but to take the new quiz instead, as that would be the fairest means of being tested. And guess what? Everything changed! 

I went from brave and determined to steadfast, loyal and hard working in about 60 seconds! I got a new wand, and I got sorted to-no prizes for guessing-Hufflepuff! Wohoo.

I’ve got to admit that at first, I was a little disappointed. Just a teeny weeny bit because part of me wanted to be the ambitious and cunning Slytherin that knows the ways of the world and I got Hufflepuff instead, seemingly the antithesis of Slytherin’s qualities. 

However, the Sorting Hat is never wrong and I shall stick by its decision, mostly because I now seem to identify with the house somehow, and, after a lot of impartial deliberation, I’ve decided that it’s truly the best of the four. 

You want to know why?

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Why I am NOT excited about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a review. It’s me talking about my sense of foreboding regarding this book-script. Or script book. Whatever.

WARNING: Long article ahead.

Also the ” /*(text)*/ stand for “comments” as they are known in the language of programming. They aren’t a part of the main text but for the readers to get a better understanding of the programmer (in this case, the author’s) logic/train of thought while writing a program (read: article). Enjoy.

Credit: http://www.slideshare.net

This image began my more-than-a-decade long romance with the Harry Potter series. I watched the first four movies before reading the books (There were books? More of them? What?) and I can’t say that there is any other series that has captured my heart better than this one. I’m an ardent Potterhead, and I pride myself on being the only person I know who knows the name of the gamekeeper during Molly Weasley’s term at school by coming across that one insignificant line in the books. I adore this series so much that you’ll find me incredulous to the point of hysteria when someone comes up to me and tells me that they “don’t like Harry Potter”.

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